District Administration

The Board of Education affirms the rights and responsibilities of the building principals and directors for the administration of their various programs and buildings within the broad scope of the adopted Board policies, rules and procedures.

Acting with the approval of the superintendent, each principal or director will be the chief administrator of his or her school, and shall be responsible for and have authority over the actions of students, professional and support staff, visitors, and persons hired to perform special tasks. Staff members who work in more than one school will be responsible to the principal or director of the school during their time in that building.

The principal or director is charged with the supervision and direction of the staff and the students assigned to the building, as well as with the care of the school facility and its equipment. The principal or director will ensure that the Board policies, rules, and procedures, as well as the directives of the superintendent and the guidelines for the instructional program are observed. Within the framework of Board policies and the general rules and procedures established by the superintendent, the principal or director may implement and enforce additional procedures as deemed advisable for efficient operation of the school.