COVID-19 Positive Cases and Tracing

Positive Cases

The Knob Noster School District has committed to share with our parents, staff, and communities regarding information of each positive COVID-19 case among students and staff within 24 hours of us being notified by the Johnson County Health Department.

When the District receives a positive case confirmation, Knob Noster works in collaboration with the Johnson County Health Department to determine any individuals who may have had close contact with the COVID-19-positive student or staff member. Seating charts, class schedules, activity rosters, and other contact logs are used for contact tracing purposes in the event of a potential COVID-19 exposure.

If it is determined that your child has been in close contact with a positive case, you will be personally notified. Close contact is defined by the CDC as any individual who was within three (3) feet or less for fifteen (15) minutes or more, with or without a face covering.

The District has implemented measures to minimize risk, however anytime we are in a public setting, we increase risk of exposure. You can find the 2020 KNPS Return to School and Response Plan, including health and safety precautions here.

Positive Case Communications

Memo: Positive COVID-19 Case 9-9-20
Memo: Positive COVID-19 Case 9-11-20
Memo: Positive COVID-19 Case 9-14-20
Memo: Positive COVID-19 Case 9-17-20
Memo: Positive COVID-19 Cases 9-20-20
Memo: Positive COVID-19 Cases 9-23-20
All positive cases are reported on the COVID Dashboard page as of September 25, 2020.