Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Throughout the year, the District receives numerous questions regarding the interview and hiring process. To assist you, some of the more frequently asked questions are answered below.

If you have additional questions regarding the interview process, please contact the Human Resources Department at (660) 563-3186 for assistance.​

Q: What factors are considered before hiring? 


Many criteria are reviewed prior to offering an applicant a position, including information contained in the file, background experiences, education, references, a criminal background check, and responses received during the interview and online application questions.​

Q: Does my educational experience make me too expensive to be hired? Have I taught too many years to be hired?


​​No.  Knob Noster Public Schools is looking for the best match of a teaching applicant to the available opening.  We hire people with many years of teaching experience, as well as first year teachers.  We hire teachers with bachelor's degrees as well as candidates with doctorates.​

Q: After I have interviewed, at what point will I know if I will be hired and how will I be informed? 


After the interviews, the building administrator forwards their recommendation to Human Resources.  Human Resources and/or the building administrator will call to make the job offer. After the recommended applicant has accepted the position, the superintendent will take that recommendation forward for Board approval.  Once the Board has taken action to hire, the process is complete.  The building administrator will contact the applicants that interviewed and were not recommended for the position.

Q: What will my teaching salary be? 


Salaries are determined by documentation of education and whole years of teaching experience in an accredited school district.​  Salary schedules are available online for review.

Q: Where can I find information about benefits? 


Please visit the Health Benefits page for information and options.

Q: If I am not hired as a teacher, will I be considered for a substitute teacher or classroom assistant position? 


In order to be considered for a substitute teacher or classroom assistant, applicants need to check the job postings periodically for all posted positions.  Applicants should apply for all jobs of interest.  The district will regularly review applications for all vacancies, including substitute positions.

Q: If I work as a substitute or a classroom assistant in the district, will it increase my chances of being hired as a teacher?


While substitute teaching or serving as a classroom assistant does offer applicants an opportunity to become more acquainted with the district schools and building administrators, it does not guarantee applicants will be hired for any position. Knob Noster Public Schools is looking for the best match of an applicant to the available opening.​

Q: Should I stop by to meet or call the building administrators?


In fairness to the building administrators and applicants, you should not visit the buildings without prior approval from an administrator in Human Resources.​

Q: How and when will I be considered as a candidate for any position in my area of certification or interest?


​All candidates must apply online.  If you are interested in a position in Knob Noster Public Schools, please watch the postings on the district website and follow the directions to apply for specific positions.  Building administrators will first consider candidates that have indicated interest online for specific positions.  The administrators have access to information on all applicants and develop the pool of candidates for a particular vacancy from the appropriately qualified applicants. All appropriately qualified applicants will be considered. The hiring process is ongoing throughout the year as vacancies occur, therefore, your application will continue to be available to building administrators.​